Ran Down (1st) ES9038PRO DAC main cause of the NLOCK | Stuck on Screen Issue w/ No Output! (~ 4 months of troubleshooting show me, it was not the dedicated TCXO clock module): Persistence Pays, this might work again!

    This single loose solder ball (could have fallen inside the enclosure at any point) might explain all the problems I had with getting the DAC to lock on to any audio signal. It would be a great job if it wraps up the issues. Stay tuned to find out if I was right! […]

Burson Play DAC Arrives

After much delay, I was able to go and pick up the Burson Play DAC today. Included was an entire set of both the V6-OPA-D Vivid + V6-OPA-S Vivid and V6-OPA-D Classic + V6-OPA-S Classic (pictured below). This DAC can slide right into the front drive bay of most desktop computers (was that dirty sounding? […]

Making Custom I2S Cables

  I am working on uploading a video for this common question I see in chat rooms on IRC and on forums in DIY. The big things to remember when making I2S cables is that these are data cables and because of that they are transmitting in a high frequency. This means the “skin” effect […]

Kimber “Kables” Testing At Hallman Labs: The Skin Effect (Signal Freq vs. Conductor Gauge) & Cryo “HiFi Fuses”! (Update 1/25/18)

  Update 1/25: I realized after reading my own article and the quotes from Kimber cables that I had wired up my setup incorrectly. Kimber has one conductor carrying the thicker gauge and the other conductor of the same color carrying the thinner gauge. So if you want the full Kimber effect you need to […]