Here you can find a collection of my articles that are aimed at showing how to accomplish a specific task, usually a modification or an upgrade. Sometimes you will catch entire builds from blank PCBs to built devices. Below you will find a list of such articles and this list will only continue to grow as time goes on, so check back again if you don’t see any thing of interest!

Complete Guide to Making I2S Cable from CAT6A & Connecting it to ES9038Pro DAC (Using Belden 1303E Catsnake™) Updated: 6/12/18

One thought on “How to Section”

  • I am trying to add video how-to-guides and video reviews & comparisons, but that is field of editing that I have to work on before I feel comfortable releasing. Video articles are definitely the way of the future, but they require a lot of work to do it right on subjects such as these. I am aiming at that though and thanks for your valuable input!

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