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These EP6 headphones were provided to me at no cost in exchange for a published review. I have no affiliation with ELEPAWL™ and I was not paid in any form. The review hardware itself will be featured in a giveaway at Hallman Labs, thus giving my readers a chance at winning the EP6 headphones. It also removes any doubt that my opinion could be swayed in order to get free hardware, since I’m not keeping it. All of the opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way influenced by ELEPAWL™ or any related companies. I always try my best to back up my views and opinions with at the very least, a reasonable argument/explanation. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly or comment on the article at the bottom of the page.

This is the first headphone review done at Hallman Labs and I think these are a great pick to start this category of reviews with. The EP6s are priced very competitively ($69.99) for having all of the features they possess. There is currently a $20 off coupon on Amazon to drop the price down to $49.99! These features include: Bluetooth (BT), active noise cancellation (ANC), wired input, internal battery with MicroSD charging port, a microphone and playback controls on the outside of the cans themselves. Aside from a moderate increase in bass from ideal, the audio quality is very good for the price. ANC can help to dial in the bass profile, due to a cut in bass in ANC mode. The headphones I used for comparison are by Pendulumic, called the Stance or S1, as these are the only other Bluetooth headphones I had access to. The S1s retailed for $299-$399 when they first launched, so it’s a little bit of an unfair fight in terms of cost. Although I do think it is better than comparing against my Audeze EL-8 using a custom 4-Pin XLR cable! Without further ado, here is the Hallman Labs EP6 review, but first some quick background information on a previously unknown manufacturer to me, ELEPAWL™.

S1 Headphones Pic 1
Comparison headphones Pendulumic S1 | Picture by Hallman Labs
Stance 1 S1 Specs
Pendulumic S1 Specifications

For some reason, Google won’t show the ELEPAWL™ website when doing a search for it. Luckily I found it in another review of the EP6 headphones, you can find a link to the manufacturer’s EP6 page here. I dug a little deeper into ELEPAWL™ and found a company named Shenzhen Sichen E-commerce CO, Ltd™ (I’ll call it SSEC) owns all rights to the trademark ELEPAWL™ as well a sister company called MIGVELA™. ELEPAWL™ makes: audio-receivers and video-receivers; Bags for cameras and photographic equipment; Cabinets for loudspeakers; Camcorders and more.
I also found a website for SECC, seen by a different name here: http://www.globalegrow.com/about/. From what I have found, SSEC either goes by another name in Asia (Global Grow E-Commerce™ est. 2008) or SSEC is a subsidiary of Global Grow E-Commerce. None of this really matters to us in the scope of this review, but I was curious to know a little more about these companies.

In general, I like to have around 60 days to evaluate audio hardware, but ELEPAWL™ requested 1-2 weeks. One of the reasons I prefer more time is the fact that the best use of critical listening is for a short to moderate period of time (1-3 hrs) over many days, instead of extended listening sessions (5+ hrs) all at once. This is mentioned many times by Jason Corey in an Audio Engineering Society book titled, Audio Production and Critical Listening. Corey’s book is an excellent resource for any fellow reviewers out there who want to hone their craft.

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Opening Thoughts and Company Info

EP6 Spatial/Stereo Imaging and Tonal Balance

A Hard Look at Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Construction Quality

EP6 Bandwidth, Bluetooth & Wired Performance

EP6 Comfort, Distortion and Closing Remarks

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