Preview: Rubycon Black Gate™ F vs. Nichicon Muse | XMOS Capacitor Oscilloscope and FFT Comparisons

Update 7/15/18: I just stumbled across by far the most detailed document I have ever seen on Black Gates™ and it is by Jelmax (the creators of the technology)! See the 107 page PDF here: Blackgate_Tech_Note_Compilation.             Cable used between the FUN01’s Coax output and the Siglent SDS 1202X-E : […]

Ran Down (1st) ES9038PRO DAC main cause of the NLOCK (~ 4 months of troubleshooting showed me, it was not the dedicated TCXO clock module):

    This single loose solder ball (could have fallen inside the enclosure at any point) might explain all the problems I had with getting the DAC to lock on to any audio signal. It would be a great job if it wraps up the issues. Stay tuned to find out if I was right! […]

“It’s the final countdown!” (to the) HiFi Discrete Transistor Op-amp showdown. Burson Audio vs. Orange Amplification Amplification! (DSD256+)

I wanted to give anyone still putting up with my unusually long delays between reviews a sneak peak of what is coming soon! I have everything ready to go for my new level of analytical audio reviews except for the matching transformers needed. Instruments include Potomac AA-51 audio analyzer DDS 25Mhz Signal Generator Fully Functional […]

Digital Logic eHW2 and eHW3

Right now this is a place holder until I finish up eHW3. eHW2 was to build a 4-bit full adder w/ half of the adder only using a double 4-to-1 MUX IC (74ls153) with the other half being an assortment of ICs to create a traditional 2 bit full adder.