HL Contact & Privacy Information:

This site does use Google Analytics to monitor site traffic. The User-ID and other stored information on visitors is cleared every 18 months. This is the shortest period that Google allows. Put it this way, I have it all set up to do the least “tracking,” for the shortest period. 

The only true personal information, that I will ever view, is in regard to HL Store customers. After you make a purchase, I’ll use your shipping information to calculate the cost + tax. Other than that, no information is gathered by Hallman Labs. Most Cookie policies are out of my hands, as I don’t run the server side (WordPress’s policy on cookies can be found here). 

The only time your actual IP information will be used is in the case of you being blocked due to misbehavior. Although, the site automatically tracks IPs to distinguish who is a new site visitor versus a new page load by a previous user. User IPs are not logged by Hallman Labs.

Note: I do not collect or share any customer information with anyone, for monetary gains, or any other purposes. It’s Hallman Lab’s pledge, never to do so, now or in the future. I take privacy very seriously and if you have any concern or dispute, please contact me below.


The quickest way to get ahold of me, is to email me directly at:  

You may also use this for arranging all hardware/software reviews or anything related to electrical/computer/audio engineering, etc.

(I have a very good spam filter, so don’t waste your time trying to send me any)