This page is dedicated to downloads of documents such as schematics, service manuals, owners manuals, etc. This will be updated as I introduce more and more documents as more and more articles/reviews/news posts are made. No registration required to view these or the catalogs in the link below. I will also keep a small list of companies and associates/friends of Hallman Labs at the end of this page.

Update 1/6/2020: I have opened up the vintage electrical components catalog section. Here you can find catalogs, data books and hand books, from some of the biggest players in the world of vintage and modern electrical components.

See the catalogs here!

HL Created Documents:

Vintage Hardware and Test Equipment:

Modern Hardware and Test Equipment:

Audio Related (Amps, DACs, etc.):

(Expect the following list to grow as my net becomes larger and larger!)

Hallman Labs Associates and Friend’s Websites/Social Media:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Burson Audio
Ghent Audio
Orange Amplification
Pete Millet
Sparkos Labs (Andrew Sparks)
Tommy Tweaks (Tom Hoffman)

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