Sneak peak at the hardware in use from an actual camera (NX3000). That is a brand new S.M.S.L. sAp-10 completely balanced amplifier. I am making custom EL-8 cables with Blue Dragon cable from Moon Audio and that Neturik plug you see there!


Overall I am extremely impressed with the Burson Audio v2.0 PCB Play, after doing a few small things I had a great result. The Play can do DSD128 with ease, something my FUN01 V1.1 needs I2S to accomplish. The Burson Audio Play is using I2S from the XMOS to the main DAC while I am using Coax on the other combo currently (until tomorrow). I am only trying to get my other device which is based on a Singxer SU-1 + an ES9038Pro (w/ SS3601/SS3602) to have the obvious I2S connection that opens it up to do DSD512 and 384kHz+. I just got the Belden RJ45 CAT6 connectors today that fits the Belden Catsnake CAT6A. So I should have I2S going in the next day on both of the DAC combos..


This is a clone of the Singxer SU-1 called the FUN01 v1.1. I wanted to try this out and decide for myself if this keeps the same quality heard on the SU-1. My opinion is yes, it does. I am comparing it to name brand XMOS units straight from Burson Audio. (Thanks Burson!)

I have put hundreds of hours into comparing these two devices, the Play vs. everything else. I even compared the Play’s amp vs a SMSL sAp-10 and the difference wasn’t that big. It was better on a dedicated, balanced amp, but not as much as I would have guessed. I am using Audeze EL-8 open backs as my reference headphones in reviewing and I use a variety of amplifiers to find the best combo. Currently running a Pioneer VSX-919AH (WhatHiFi 4 star award winner) combined with Wharfedale Diamond 220s (5 star award winner at WhatHiFi). The results have been excellent and the listening test have made deciding between them very hard! That says a lot for the Play and what it has in a package small enough to fit in a PC case!
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