Finally got a balanced (XLR in) headphone amp. 2.8 MHz is native DSD64 converted by DOP (DSD over PCM). This is a picture from my phone, but I wanted to get something for readers to see on the reviews in progress between this combo and the Burson Play DAC/Amp combo. I plan to focus more on the DACs by utilizing this new sAp-10 balanced headphone amplifier.


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This is a S.M.S.L. sAp-10 XLR 3-pin in and XLR 4-pin out (completely balanced) headphone amplifier. I am making a custom EL-8 cable for this utilizing a Neutrik NC4MX-B and EL-8 connectors from Moon Audio.

Note: You can NOT just add a 4-pin XLR jack to the stock cable, this will not work due to how it is wired you’ll short out the grounds. You must make a custom cable or buy one (good luck finding an EL-8 cable with 4-pin XLR for under $300). I can make one for under $50.

More details to come in the reviews in progress.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as I finished my move. Today was the final part of this move and that is it! Thank God!

For the review I have been running a complete Sparkos Labs SS3601/SS3602 in the ES9038Pro DAC and all Burson Audio V6-OPA Classics in the 5 op-amp locations in the Burson Play (ES9038P has 4 locations and is twice as big).

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