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Preview of Hardware Reviews in Progress with sAp-10 – Balanced Headphone Amp under $200 (also the Burson Play DAC/Amp)

Finally got a balanced (XLR in) headphone amp. 2.8 MHz is native DSD64 converted by DOP (DSD over PCM). This is a picture from my phone, but I wanted to get something for readers to see on the reviews in progress between this combo and the Burson Play DAC/Amp combo. I plan to focus more on the DACs by utilizing this new sAp-10 balanced headphone amplifier.


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This is a S.M.S.L. sAp-10 XLR 3-pin in and XLR 4-pin out (completely balanced) headphone amplifier. I am making a custom EL-8 cable for this utilizing a Neutrik NC4MX-B and EL-8 connectors from Moon Audio.

Note: You can NOT just add a 4-pin XLR jack to the stock cable, this will not work due to how it is wired you’ll short out the grounds. You must make a custom cable or buy one (good luck finding an EL-8 cable with 4-pin XLR for under $300). I can make one for under $50.

More details to come in the reviews in progress.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as I finished my move. Today was the final part of this move and that is it! Thank God!

For the review I have been running a complete Sparkos Labs SS3601/SS3602 in the ES9038Pro DAC and all Burson Audio V6-OPA Classics in the 5 op-amp locations in the Burson Play (ES9038P has 4 locations and is twice as big).

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Computer Engineering student with a background in IT. Such as dealing with large scale network infrastructure upgrades at Lowe's HQ and former lead hardware tech for the NC Government. My specialty has shifted over to audio hardware and vintage hardware re-certifications.

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