Update On Dual-DIP SS2590 + Loose DAC DIP8 (Peek at New IsoRegen)

After spending weeks trying to figure out why I was getting random noise, coming out of my digital equipment, I found the cause. I noticed that it kept coming through, with nearly every op-amp. I figured out my DIP8 socket (on the ES9038 DAC) was faulty. It feels like it has lost all pin tension. The larger op-amps, especially those with lifted DIP8 adapters, tended to fall out of the socket. The review should be out in September. This is mainly due to the number of op-amps involved in the testing process. Which is also why, these sockets are very important.
I also acquired an UpTone Audio IsoRegen, as this is a must for HiFi on a Home-HPC. This totally isolates the USB 2.0 line from the power supply in the computer itself. This is something I had been wanting to get for a while. Got lucky and found one for less than half the normal cost. It looks to be barely used, with the stock power supply, all in great condition.

Review of “InYourEar” Is Live!

InYourEar Review is now ready! Click here for the “InYourEar” review. Stay tuned for the SMD op-amp to DIP-8 modification for the SMSL sAp-10 amplifier (with how to video). I’ll also be converting SMD capacitors to full-size in this upcoming article. As always, thanks for reading Hallman Labs!

Latest Publishing: ELEPAWL EP6 Review

Everyone who subscribes here gets notifications of blog posts, but not site pages! So, I wanted to let my readers know the ELEPAWL EP6 Headphone Review has been published. You can find it in the Reviews section in the above header, or click the link below. At the request of ELEPAWL™, I pushed my publishing […]

Update on Giveaway (Drawing Again) and Headphone Review in Progress

Redrawing Winner for Burson Play DAC/Amp Giveaway: After contacting the original winner and giving ample time (over a week) to contact me, we are now drawing another winner of the Burson Play v1.6 Giveaway! 2nd drawing will be tomorrow (9/14/18) at 8PM PST (assuming this hurricane doesn’t knock out power in NC). No more entries […]

Review #3 Goes Live! Burson Play Review

After what felt like forever, I have finally got the review into good enough shape to share most of it with you guys/gals! I hope you enjoy the review, I tried to keep it much shorter than the last one, coming in around 6500 words this time. I hope the structure of this review makes […]

Update on Upcoming Burson Play Review

  Overall I am extremely impressed with the Burson Audio v2.0 PCB Play, after doing a few small things I had a great result. The Play can do DSD128 with ease, something my FUN01 V1.1 needs I2S to accomplish. The Burson Audio Play is using I2S from the XMOS to the main DAC while I […]

**Streaming Again Today 3/28, Later On** Far Cry 5 + the Burson Play DAC Review/Comparison to my ES9038Pro (PC HiFi Gaming Section)

Update: stream is up! http://hallmanlabs.com/hallman-labs-live-game-stream/     Thanks to those who came to watch the stream today, Far Cry 5 truly is breaking new ground for the demands on PC hardware that isn’t even VR yet! I know that VR was a huge thought in this game based on how well they integrated the Tobii […]