HL Component Catalog Database (1/2/21):
Number of Brands: 56
Total Catalogs and Data Sheets/Books: > 350

This page contains my vintage (and modern) component catalogs, that I have collected over the years. I will be adding many more as time goes on, but it will take a while to scan in my local copies. The majority of these are capacitor catalogs, but there are others mixed in. Such as resistive elements, chokes, transformers, electron tubes and more.

Note: I included where I found most of these catalogs at the bottom of the page. Only the catalogs that say “HL Scan” are original copies from my personal collection.

You can find additional HL documents right here.

1974/75 Mullard

Would you like to help expand the selection of catalogs found on Hallman Labs? Shoot me a message if you’d like to share one!

Here is my shout-out to other catalog collections, whom helped me to build my own. Many of them have catalogs I didn’t share, check them out. Thanks to these other sites for allowing us to obtain copies, at no charge or registration. This is how we prefer it at Hallman Labs as well!

Websites run by individuals:

Larger Catalog and Datasheet Mining Sites:

1938 MiniWatt Catalog

Check back later for new uploads!

3 thoughts on “Electronic Component Catalogs & Databooks

  • Anonymous

    Very nice, and I always appreciate collections of these manuals. You might think about including one or more of the RCA transmitting tube manuals. Hams, including me, use them often.

    • Thanks for checking out my collection and the kind words!

      I thought about including more RCA manuals, but there was one big reason I did not. Most of them are HUGE (100MB+) and you can find them easily on other sites. I was trying to focus on rare catalogs, which aren’t available elsewhere. If I can find more smaller RCA catalogs (< 400 pages), then I'll start to add them in.

  • Aaron

    Awesome catalog collection! What appears unobtainium is info on Sprague Hyrel caps. Paper and film and foil or paper and metallized film construction. But…. what film? And are Hi-Rel caps a forerunner of Hyrel caps (rebranding)? Kind regards, Aaron

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