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To the readers out there who might have some extra cash or have located hard to find info here & are feeling gracious. This will be to help support this site and hardware adventures coming down the line. Thanks for your support (monetary or interest/views), both helps a solo site runner keep pursuing their goals.



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As a little incentive to maybe get some people to want to donate: For anyone who makes a donation (through PayPal at the button below) of over $10 and wants to have it published ( leave me a message at: keith@hallmanlabs.com Title: Donation Publish Request) on this page here. I know getting your name on Hallman Labs is a dream come true, but it’s better than nothing! Little fundraisers like this are how PBS and similiar public channels exist. Help this still new tech site continue to grow and expand. Hopefully bringing on a full-time editor at some point in time and having a store going through the site, without the need for Ebay and their fees/higher prices.


TO_6A Rear 3_sm


Soon you will see vintage hardware here with more test figures from reputable hardware than almost any other online store I have seen on Ebay or the like. I will be using testing hardware ranging from vintage (Sprague TO-6A) to modern. Modern test hardware includes my Extech 380193 LCR Meter, BK Precision 810C capacitance meter, EDS 88A DIY ver (built by me w/ all Dale resistors and Sprague + Mallory capacitors for higher precision) capacitor analyzer that does DCR (DC Resistance) and ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance). I am excited to see how my vintage hardware business idea turns out in the end. The math adds up, we’ll see if the economic side does and hope the no ads/trackers strategy on this site help to set me apart. Until then, all donations mean more than you can imagine.

This will also help to buy review hardware and test instruments here at Hallman Labs. I do not run any advertising, tracking, pop-ups, etc. of any sort on the website. I don’t make money through the site itself yet. Even when I do, the operating budget of Hallman Labs is not large and I do the best I can with what I have. I will also show donations of anyone’s time to help with the site of over 2 hours.


If you would like to make a hardware donation either vintage hardware for restoration/parts or donation hardware for review, please contact me at keith@hallmanlabs.com


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