Kemet were founded in 1919 as a sub-division of Union Carbide. In 1990, Kemet was acquired from Union Carbide and then the company went public. Kemet now owns: EVOX RIFA, Cornell Dubilier Foil, Arcotronics, EPCOS tantalum division, and NEK Tokin. Then in Nov of 2019 a large Asian producer of capacitors, Yageo, bought Kemet.

This is my collection of Kemet and Arcotronics branded capacitors.

Kemet is well known for high precision, lower capacitance capacitors, usually, with moderate to low voltages. They focus on producing high quality small parts and high end niche spec parts (like high ripple current caps). You can find higher capacitance Kemet caps, above 50V, but these are usually rolled aluminum electrolytic capacitors. I have yet to find one of these (in my own collection) with a Q-Rating high enough I felt confident in using one in a real circuit. Your mileage may vary.

Arcotronics is more well known for their film capacitor lines, they are more modern in their footprint. Kemet still makes parts, under the same lines producing Murata parts. Arco is more well known in the audio world than Kemet is. Kemet is more known in the vintage hardware and measurement equipment spaces.

Kemet Tantalum Ceramic & Film 1983 Capacitor Catalog (122pg) – HL Scan
Main Kemet Capacitor Selection Guide

Arcotronics Catalogs:

Polyester Film:

Polypropylene Film:

Electrolytic Capacitors:

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