Here we have the Sprague 1000V .1uF wax capacitor using the tried and true rolled/folded design inside a paper casing potted in wax (the wax is to protects it).


Don’t see this very often, even in classes they didn’t have one of these that had cracked the wax. First two pictures are with a 50mm lens.

This is roughly the same way it came apart!

I noticed the wax had broken in a circle around the end and if I could pull the end right off, the solder was already broken and someone was just trying to pass it off it looks like. Luckily this wasn’t even a capacitor I knew I had, haha.

Now for the microscope shots!

Sprague 1000V Capacitor Internals Microscope 2


Sprague 1000V Capacitor Internals Microscope 3


Sprague 1000V Capacitor Internals Microscope 4


Sprague 1000V Capacitor Internals Microscope 5

It looks like the microscope is working perfectly! Ready for the next surface mount soldering job (it does 1080p video!) and the Play review is still being worked on, sorry for the delay. We had some developments in the world of the Play today with respect to killing the ground wire on the USB cable. Note, some XMOS and Amanero devices will not work with this, so be careful what USB cable you decide to chop up!

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