After what felt like forever, I have finally got the review into good enough shape to share most of it with you guys/gals! I hope you enjoy the review, I tried to keep it much shorter than the last one, coming in around 6500 words this time. I hope the structure of this review makes it easier to find the info you are most interested in.

You can find the first page of the review in the header at the top of the site under reviews, or you click this link: https://hallmanlabs.com/review-3-burson-play-dac-amp-vs-es9038pro-dac-fun01-v1-1-xmos-su-1-clone/




I may get the final listening test posted tonight sometime, but the technical section will be a few more days before I publish that. Thank you for understanding!


Thanks for reading!
Hallman Labs

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