So this is really exciting! In the last year we have seen traffic from 69 countries with increasing views per visitor too! I wondered if I could reach this mark or not in the beginning months of the site, but thanks to FB and SEO tag words the site has really taken off with respect to traffic. Soon I will also be utilizing Twitter to gain interest.

I either missed a flag for one of the 70 countries or it was actually 69 countries instead of 70. Either way, 69 out of 195 countries in the world is pretty good I think! You can see a lot of info in this one picture below! Hallman Labs is growing at a pretty decent rate. Now lets just see what happens when I deliver back to back in depth reviews with more people visiting! Visitors this month are nearly twice as good as in Dec 2017, breaking 400 visitors in a month with plenty of time left in Jan of course.



As a thank you to the readers, here are all 69 flags of the respective countries shown in the list above.

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