In the photo below we have 4x Burson Audio V5-OPA-D, 4x Burson Audio V5-OPA-S, 3x V6-OPA-D “Vivid” along with two Orange Amplification discrete (Dual-DIP). Two of the V6-OPA-D casings lifted right off when I was rolling op-amps so I got us some pictures of the exposed boards!

Note: the end letter on Burson Audio op-amp tells you if it is a single (S) or a dual (D) dip model.

Note 2: You can right click any image you see on this site and hit “Open image as a new tab” (in Chrome); in Firefox you just hit “View Image”.

Op-Amp Roundup
This has almost every op-amp in my possession shown. You will also see some Dale 50W and 100W power resistors, along with two ladder stepped attenuators (volume control). One uses SMD Vishay resistors and the other uses normal 1/4W Dale resistors, both are 24 step from 0 to 75dB of attenuation.
Burson Audio V5-OPA-S V6-OPA-D
Here we have the ES9038Pro DAC w/ Burson V5-OPA-S and Burson V6-OPA-D “Vivid” w/ Cover Removed. I didn’t intentionally remove the covers, these are the only op-amps I have received from Burson Audio that had the outer casing lift off when swapping op-amps. However it gives us a rare peak at Burson’s V6 design. I just wish I had a V5 that would do the same.


ES9038 Closeup

Burson V6-OPA-D Closeup


(I am editing more pictures as I am writing this, so check back for more of the review hardware + instruments for measuring performance!)

One thought on “Discrete Op-Amp Review, Prelude: Photos of Review Hardware (Burson V6-OPA-D “Vivid” Unskirted)”

  • David

    So what’s the difference in sound between orange opamp and burson V6 vivid?
    I like very much the sound of BB627 and ask myself if these discrete ones could be better…
    Thanks a lot: David

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