After weeks/months of trying to get my Cornell Dubilier BF-50 cap analyzer to show what is expected for a good cap vs. a known bad cap, I reached out to Cornell Dubilier. Well Cornell Dubilier didn’t have any more information to offer me besides what I already knew from the BF-50 owner’s and service manuals. This was partly due to the fact that Cornell Dubilier changed names from Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) to the plain Cornell Dubilier (CD). Some of their old products (such as my BF-50) were no longer supported. Anyway, it came down to a mystery capacitor that was not shown on the service manual’s schematics or listed on the parts sheet for the BF-50.

This left me with no real way to test my low value (pico-Farad level) capacitors that I put in my treble bleeds. This caused me to have to put sales on hold until I could run down another capacitor analyzer for a good price. Well after a long wait/search, I did find what I was looking for at a reasonable price ($250 including S/H). Sprague TO-6’s easily bring $250-$300 + S/H, even if they are beat up. I’d guess 90% or more of the people buying them never ask to see the condition of the inside of these analyzers.


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After looking for about 2 months I realized on the right day, you can get a Sprague TO-5, TO-6, or TO-6A all around the same price ($200-$300)! I decided to wait for a pristine TO-6 or TO-6A to appear. I came across one of the cleanest looking TO-6As I had ever seen and began bartering with the seller. In the end, the seller did what I couldn’t get any other seller to do, open the TO-6A and show me the inside!  To my surprise, this TO-6A was one of the cleanest inside and out I had ever come across.


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I want to say thanks to those of you who have expressed interest in my treble bleeds and how patient you all have been. I hope to finally begin selling my treble bleeds by the middle of May at the latest. I will also begin selling high end tone capacitors common to guitars and guitar amplifiers. A few examples of such capacitors include: Sprague Bumblebees/Orange Drops/Vitamin Q/Black Beauty Caps, Mullard Mustard Caps, ERIE Molded Caps, AJAX Blue Molded Caps, Astron Yellow Molded, Cornell Dubilier Green Meanie/Tiny Chief/Black Cat/Cub Caps, TRW Molded, Good All Molded, Siemens MKT Caps, etc.

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