Update On Dual-DIP SS2590 + Loose DAC DIP8 (Peek at New IsoRegen)

After spending weeks trying to figure out why I was getting random noise, coming out of my digital equipment, I found the cause. I noticed that it kept coming through, with nearly every op-amp. I figured out my DIP8 socket (on the ES9038 DAC) was faulty. It feels like it has lost all pin tension. The larger op-amps, especially those with lifted DIP8 adapters, tended to fall out of the socket. The review should be out in September. This is mainly due to the number of op-amps involved in the testing process. Which is also why, these sockets are very important.
I also acquired an UpTone Audio IsoRegen, as this is a must for HiFi on a Home-HPC. This totally isolates the USB 2.0 line from the power supply in the computer itself. This is something I had been wanting to get for a while. Got lucky and found one for less than half the normal cost. It looks to be barely used, with the stock power supply, all in great condition.