NOS Philips Mullard MiniWatt 0.0056uF 400V Mustard capacitors for sale.


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Note: Price is per capacitor. If you’d like to buy multiples, contact me and we can work out a lower price per cap.  I can take PayPal and most major credit cards. I have shipping set to a flat rate of $3.49, based off what I know it cost to ship them. This is the bare minimum for shipping, anyone outside the USA see below.

If you are an international customer, there will be an additional fee to make up the cost of shipping. Soon I’ll fix this to reflect the cost of shipping to your specific country automatically, without the need for this 2nd step. From my experience, shipping to Tokyo is about $13 and Poland is roughly $10. The further away from North Carolina, the higher the cost

These MiniWatt/Mullard Mustard capacitors tested extremely well across ESR, Quality Factor and Capacitance accuracy, well within 10%, most within 5%. The Insulation Resistance (IR) at 500V and 60 seconds, tested around 350 mega ohms for the lot, very consistent. This translates to a leakage current of 500/350*10^6 = 1.429 uA. Where one microamp (uA) is a millionth of one amp.

ESR shows a trend towards ESL at higher frequencies, SRF between 120Hz and 1kHz. Better for audio use, rather than UHF. Quality Factor ratings are beyond the 1/0.006 = 166.67 quoted in the Mullard datasheet, shown above in photo 5, with most nearing a QF of 175 at 1kHz and at 120Hz, ridiculous high numbers due to very low loss  (1000-5000). Strong dielectric strength. Overall, this lot performed very well, meeting and exceeding NOS values.

IR is a measure of the dielectric’s impedance to an applied DC voltage across the capacitor. I used the Uni-T UT511 Professional Insulation Resistance Tester to check each capacitor in this group and others. Typical readings for IR range from 100 Mega Ohm to 10,000 Mega Ohm and higher, but the reading is highly dependent on the test voltage applied & temperature of the room. The lower the capacitance value, the higher the IR should read. Despite the fact I knew the meter was going to read OL (Overload), it was still a consistency check for the capacitors to ensure high quality. IR is effectively a short stress test.

Testing Date: 12/15/18

Physical Dimensions:
 .85″ (L) x 0.292″ (W) x 0.292″ (H)


Valid Reasons for Returning:

Capacitance is off by more than 10-20% (or whatever the cap spec is)
ESR is at least 20% higher that I reported, remembering to use the same test frequency and a calibrated meter.
Capacitor was damaged during shipping.
Capacitor won’t fit into your location.
You bought a voltage or capacitance value that you can’t use, assuming you didn’t install it, you can return it.
You experience any audible distortion with your new capacitor, I’ll let you swap it or return it. As long as the cap isn’t damaged (electrically) when I get it back.

There are many other scenarios that I might consider, just contact me if you have a question.

For customers inside the USA, I do 60 days for NOS items and 30 days for re-certified items! Return shipping will be paid by customer.

For International buyers I do 30 days on both NOS and re-certified items. Return shipping must be paid by the customer.

Shipping and Related:

Current Shipping Speed: 1 to 3 days

Cost for US Customers: $3.49 S/H

International Shipping Rate: $11.49 S/H

For international, I took the average of the costs to ship to 5 countries throughout the world (Tokoyo, Japan, Poland and the UK). This is the easiest thing to do, even though it will cost me money half the time.


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Weight 2 g
Dimensions .85 × 0.292 × 0.292 in





MiniWatt Mustard

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