Set of x3 NOS GE Black Hawk 0.68uF 100V film capacitors for sale.


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These three GE mylar molded plastic capacitors tested excellent across all measurements! Sub 6% tolerance accuracy for all capacitors in this group. The Q-Ratings are good and ESR measurements look great, competitive with WIMA and EVOX Mini Box. Tested on 7/30/18. These capacitors had low drift, roughly 5% or less drift during testing.

New 8/9/18: Insulation Resistance taken for each capacitor are all within the expected IR value from manufacturer tables, such as from Kemet and Sprague’s IR vs. Capacitance tables. 3rd lowest drifting capacitors in IR measurements so far, 5-8 digit drift maximum after initial charging (110M to 118M ohm). Capacitor approaches steady state in under 5 seconds and thus approaches its lowest leakage point quickly ( I = V/R -> 250V / (114 x 10^6) = 2.193 uA). Where one microamp (uA) is a millionth of one amp.

Uni-T UT511 Pro Insulation Tester was used to acquire these values. Insulation Resistance is a measurement of the dielectric impedance to DC voltage. This is why some older insulation testers are called Dielectric Testers. The only other equipment capable of measuring such high resistances are capacitor analyzers like the vintage TO-6A from Sprague.

These GE molded plastic capacitors appear sealed tight with no cracks in the plastic molding, should stand up to almost any environmental abuse, within reason.

Dimensions: 1.13″ (L) x 0.475″ (W) x 0.725″ (H)

Shipping and Related:

nt Shipping Speed: 1 to 3 days
Cost for US Customers: $3.49 S/H
International Shipping Rate: 
$11.49 S/H

For international, I took the average of the costs to ship to 5 countries throughout the world (Tokoyo, Japan, Poland and the UK). This is the easiest thing to do, even though it will cost me money half the time.

Guarantee/Return Information:

For customers inside the USA, I do 60 days for NOS items and 30 days for re-certified used itemsReturn shipping will be paid by customer.

For international buyers I do 30 days on both NOS and re-certified used items. Return shipping must be paid by the customer.

This warranty does not include you applying too much voltage for the rating of the capacitor and thus blowing it out. If you return a capacitor that is now reading open or is short circuited, you will not get a refund. The warranty covers normal usage over the period of time listed or if my performance measurements are off for a high end capacitor, like the MiniWatt caps.

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Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 1.13 × 0.475 × 0.725 in





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