Isolation Transformers & Safely “Floating” Ground (Draft-Publish)

In theory, isolation transformers (IST) sound like “the” essential safety device for an ECE workbench. The question is, are you trying to protect your equipment, yourself or both? The two other essential safety devices for your ECE workbench are a decent variac and Differential Probes. A Note from HL: I wanted to go ahead and […]

ES9038 DAC Overhaul: Sockets, Capacitors, Resistors (Video Included)

HL tears the ES9038 DAC down to the bones for a full hardware upgrade! In stage 1 of upgrades, I worked on the analog side of the board, replacing nearly all the stock parts, including: resistors, DIP-8 sockets, and capacitors. The results have been impressive, giving a much more reference leaning tone. (ELNA SILMIC Super Gold included)