Hallman Labs 1st Product for Sale (Soon): Fixed Resistance Treble Bleed Kits V1.0 & V2.0 (Thoughts on V3.0 & V4.0)

Hallman Labs first official products for sale will be treble bleed circuits for guitars! When you dial down the volume on your guitar (with any pickups) the high frequency is rolled off sharply. The treble bleed counteracts this rolling off of the highs by bleeding high frequencies directly into the potentiometer output leg. Thus acting […]

Uncapping Seymour Duncan Pickups – Schecter Tempest Custom

Hallman Labs is branching out and this is the first of our guitar related articles! After reading the “25 Essential Les Paul Mods” I learned that the shiny metal covers over the pickups change the capacitance (same as running a long cable run usually does) and thus bleed off the high frequencies. When I found […]