Please Read: Warning on 2nd half of (Real) Chernobyl Series. “Mic-Ro-Phone”, Ihor Kostin’s video and the chapter before and after Kostin’s video, all contain radiation burns (on humans) and/or mutations (in animals and in humans (children)). This is literally a few minutes, out of hours of footage, so I didn’t label the entire thing as MA. I considered blurring out a few parts of this sequence of videos (Such as the children whom were affected by radiation exposure and that one surgery), but I then decided it wasn’t my place to decide what should and should not be shown, when it comes to archival footage. I came to that decision mainly because this information could prove valuable to certain researchers, historians, doctors, authors, directors, etc. *** That said, you can easily avoid these sections, by how I labeled those parts below.

**Note: Forbes Michael Shellenberger disputed (to me) that none of the “mutations” are really due to radiation, search their article on the HBO show. To directly quote Michael in an email reply to me, “It’s deceptive…and gross”, regarding the children segments in this. Keep this in mind and if that is true, I apologize for it being there and I’ll try to remove it. I have already contacted YouTube about the errors I get when trying to blur or trim anything with the video.

If you are most interested in seeing inside one of the reactors, jump to time = 0:44:42 in the video.

  • “From the first stake..” Building Chernobyl (Soviets): 0:00:00 to 1:00:00
  • Holidays/Christmas and Other Civilian Life in Pripyat: 1:00:02 to 1:22:15
  • “Belonging” (Ukrainian Civilian Life) 1:22:17 to 1:31:47
  • Dr. Leonenko Vitally 1:31:49 to 1:42:40
  • L. Mihaylovich Head of Industrial Sanitation Lab 1:42:42 to 1:51:26
  • V. Shevchenko’s ‘Chernobyl Chronicle of Hard Weeks” (Ukraine + Soviets): 1:51:28 to 2:41:58
  • Ukrainian Order of The Badge of Honor (High Rad Area): 2:42:00 to 2:54:23
  • “The Zone” 1988 (Ukrainian Elderly Still in the Zone): 2:54:25 to 3:09:43
  • Untitled Prior to Disaster (Soviets): 3:09:45 to 3:11:09
  • “Mic-Ro-Phone” 1986 (Ukrainian Civilians) Look at Family & Livestock Effects: 3:11:11 to 3:13:25
  • “Mic-Ro-Phone” Pt 2 1988: 3:13:27 to 3:19:34 (WARNING Mutations in Livestock)
  • Narodychevsk Region 1988 (Ukrainian Civilians) Soviet Lies on Radiation: 3:19:36 to 3:25:45
  • Kyiv, 1988 (Ukrainian Civilians) Public Outcry to Soviets: 3:25:47 to 3:28:51
  • Kyiv, 1989 (Ukrainian Civilians) Public Protest: 3:28:53 to 3:38:58
  • Ukrainian Order of The Badge of Honor (“Alive Yet…”): 3:39:00 to 3:52:01
  • “Alive Yet…” Pt 2: 3:52:03 to 3:58:38 (WARNING Mutations in Livestock)
  • “Alive Yet…” Pt 3: 3:58:40 to 4:07:58 (WARNING Mutations in Children)
  • Ihor Kostin Photo Journalist (“Unpublished”): 4:08:00 to 4:26:39 (WARNING Mutations in Children)
  • “The Deadly Cloud of Chernobyl” 1991: 4:26:41 to 4:38:48 (WARNING Mutations in Children)
  • “Problems Revealed and Caused by Chernobyl” 1986/1988: 4:38:50 to 4:44:53
  • “Problems Revealed and Caused by Chernobyl” Pt 2: 4:44:55 to 4:45:53 (WARNING Radiation Burns)
  • “Problems Revealed and Caused by Chernobyl” Pt 3: 4:45:55 to 5:43:03
  • “Patients of AURC (Radiation Medicine)”: 5:43:05 to 6:11:11
  • “Dovzhenko Film Studio 1988 (Untitled)”: 6:11:13 to 6:15:35
  • “Chernobyl Trysna: A Funeral Feast”: 6:15:37 to 7:16:55

Chernobyl Build Video (Soviet & Ukrainian Made)

Series of Soviet Videos on Chernobyl

The first 2-2.5 hours, was provided by (and for) the Soviets, during their construction of the Chernobyl power plant. Which had Reactor #4 meltdown on April 26th, 1986. Everything after the first two hours and 40 minutes, appears to be made by the Ukrainians. To my knowledge, a country which does not exist (Soviet Union), can not dispute copyrights! I am pretty sure the Ukraine supports showing this. These first clips were originally meant to “show off” the Soviet technological prowess and determination/work ethic. It’s now, the ultimate irony, caught on film. This found its way online a few months ago. Originally released by the MVGroup (to my knowledge) on April 23, 2020 (following the popular HBO show).

The Soviets found themselves with an open reactor core, due to using a roof, which couldn’t handle a blast from the reactor’s main concrete cap. After the roof went, it was literally beaming radiation upward, directly into the atmosphere. The fire was a secondary consequence of the insane heat involved, especially once oxygen was allowed to enter. The real danger with the fire revolved around the fact it was spreading radioactive ash, throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, etc. etc. None of this was compiled by me personally, I simply fixed the subtitles the best I could (there are over 5k lines of text here). Due to the historical significance and the attempts by the USSR (at the time) & Russia (in modern times) to skew the truth; this felt essential to share with the public. If you are interested in understanding the worst nuclear power plant incident in history, “straight from the horse’s mouth”, then this is pure archival gold!

A great explanation by Scott Manley on how/why the Chernobyl meltdown occurred (Physics & Chemistry Heavy!

by @Scott Manley

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