This is a complete length (series) of videos, provided by the Soviets, during their construction of the Chernobyl power plant. To my knowledge, a country which does not exist, is unlikely to dispute copyrights. Plus, it’s actually in the Ukraine.

This was meant to “show off” their technological prowess. It’s now, the ultimate irony, caught on film. Note: The first two hours is building the nuclear power plant; the rest of it is about the meltdown and the effect on the local population.


Building Chernobyl (Soviets): 0:00:00 to 1:50:00
“Chernobyl Chronicle of Hard Weeks” (Ukraine + Soviets): 1:51:28 to 2:40:00 Ukrainian Order of The Badge of Honor (High Rad Area): 2:42:00 to 3:09:00
“The Zone” 1988 (Ukrainian Elderly Still in the Zone): 2:54:25 to 3:09:38
Untitled Prior to Disaster (Soviet): 3:09:45 to 3:11:00
Untitled Prior to Disaster (Soviet): 3:09:45 to 3:11:00
“Mic-Ro-Phone” 1986 (Ukrainian Civilians) Look at Family & Livestock Effects: 3:11:11 to 3:19:30

Narodychevsk Region 1988 (Ukrainian Civilians) Soviet Lies on Radiation: 3:19:36 to 3:25:40
Kyiv 1988 (Ukrainian Civilians) Public Outcry to Soviets: 3:25:47 to 3:28:50
Kyiv 1989 (Ukrainian Civilians) Public Protest: 3:28:53 to 3:34:50

Ukrainian Order of The Badge of Honor (“Alive Yet…”): 3:39:00 to 4:07:00
Thor Kostin Photo Journalist (“Unpublished Album”): 4:08:00 to 4:25:00
“The Deadly Cloud of Chernobyl”: 4:26:06 to 4:37:00
“Problems Revealed and Caused by Chernobyl” 1988: 4:38:50 to 5:40:00
“Patients of AURC of Radiation Medicine”: 5:43:05 to 6:10:00
“Dovzhenko Film Studio 1988 (Untitled)”: 6:11:14 to 6:15:00
“Chernobyl Trysna: A Funeral Feast”: 6:15:37 to 7:16:55

Chernobyl Build Video (Soviet & Ukrainian Made)

Series of Soviet Videos on Chernobyl

(Note: Audio was added back and subtitles are now embedded in the video.)

The film and found its way online a few months ago. Released by the MVGroup (to my knowledge), on April 23, 2020 (following the popular HBO show). There are so many things said (by Government Officials, Technicians, Engineers and builders) that will literally make you slap yourself in the forehead. I can’t possibly even begin to list them, it’s a worthwhile thing to see.

I doubt nearly anyone will watch an entire 7 hour film; however, it’s worth skipping around and checking some of it out. Especially if you are interested in understanding the worst nuclear power plant incident in history, “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

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