TLDR: There were some site performance issues, related to scripts, plug-ins, GA conflicts and CSS. These have now all been fixed. The scripts have been optimized/reduced to only be loaded when needed, as well as the plug-ins themselves. The average load time for the homepage is now 1.3-1.6 seconds and page size was reduced to 966kB of data (if you scroll to the very bottom of the homepage, which loads 20-30 entries before reaching the footer, actual size is much lower). All Google Analytic conflicts were resolved and Site Health shows 100%. Apologies to anyone who was affected by severe load times, up to this point.

Previous Performance on PageSpeed

The reason it took so long to notice the issue, is the fact it only happens to mobile devices. For a desktop device, my website loads in under 1.5 second. That was far from the case for mobile users, due to conflicts and unnecessary scripts. For mobile, load times were insane, showing 20+ seconds in the above PageSpeed capture.

To fix these issues, the Asset CleanUp Pro plugin for WP, seems to be one of the best. This tool is basically everything you need, to dial in your website performance with regard to Javascript and CSS. With this tool, my load times dropped by nearly 20-fold! This wasn’t simple and it took research into which JavaScript did what. Inspecting elements with DevTools in Chrome can assist you with that. Sometimes,  just Googling the script name is much faster and more informative on specific functions.

I have never paid money for any plug-in for WordPress, almost out of principal. However, once into debugging the issue, it became apparent, I needed to get something for analyzing and debugging all of this. The only other options are to use FTP and actually edit the .php (and other) files. If you go that route, do the research; mainly, back-up, always.

By showing this screenshot below, you can see no malicious scripts or IP trackers are running (outside of Google Analytics). You can also see, there are literally, no ads on this site (at any level).

New Performance, using GTMetrix (w/ PageSpeed)

The Asset Manager plug-in can easily break your site, so you need to really be careful with what you are doing. It only does that, due to how powerful it is, with regard to Javascript and CSS control. For more information, please do research into your specific problems and script.

This post is mainly to acknowledge the mobile performance problems and apologize for the poor performance. I hope that you will now have a better experience and that you enjoy your time on Hallman Labs!

Here you can see, just how many scripts + CSS are disabled

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