I am pleased to announce that some of my picks for the 2nd round of capacitors, have been posted on Ebay and can be found right here.

Ebay capture with my initial prices

This includes more MiniWatt capacitors, including a glorious looking 0.47uF 400V plus a really nice 0.15uF 160V model. I have more MiniWatts to post, so just keep an eye out if you are looking for a specific value, or contact me.

When you check out the ads, be sure to notice the Curve tracer being used that you saw featured in a previous article. This is a great use for the device, as long as the capacitance is above like 0.05uF or so. At that point or lower, it becomes challenging to show it clearly, but possible.

I have also posted some other rarities, including some mysteriously accurate JL Audio Polypropylene 3uF and 4uF, AJAX Blue Molded Axial and Radial, Cap-Rel, Wesco, Tex-Cap, and the General Instruments (GI) “Imp”!

There are others I have ready to put up very soon, including three matched FilmCap AC3 URT, really nice CDE Films, and a few others. I also want to post my first high power resistors soon, as well as electrolytics, like the Panasonic TUF series.

Very soon I will be adding these all to my online store here on HallmanLabs.com/shop.

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