HL Component Catalogs

Catalogs and Data books Added: 200+
Number of Brands: 45

I finally found the time and had all the pieces together again, to be able to share a lot of my vintage catalogs, handbooks and more! I hope that this helps some people find what they are looking for.

A couple of years ago, I began scouring the internet, looking all over for capacitor and other interesting catalogs. I found that many sites that do run a small database of catalogs, seem to fill them with 50% great items and 50% total junk. I guess for some people it might be useful, but I prefer to narrow my scope and try to excel in that area. For this reason, I cherry picked all of the good ones out of about 12 different databases, containing vintage catalogs and books. Most of these are before 1975, but there are definitely some nice ones from like 1985-1995.

Note: The best catalogs I have seen (vs. Online), are in my possession. I will be scanning those in over the next few months, in order to make them publicly available. Some of the content I have, I’ve never seen it online, anywhere. I purchased these slowly on EBay, bartering with sellers I knew had been trying to sell something for over 12 months. People want to look at these catalogs, but most don’t want to pay for them. Personally, I have a few real gems from CDE, Sprague, Mallory, Mullard, Kemet and TRW. Most of the time I was able to get them for $20 or less, but I did pay a little over $30, for the long ones. Sprague catalogs seem to carry the highest price tag overall.

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