Currently I can take PayPal and most major credit cards. I have (USA) shipping set to a flat rate of $3 and $11 for International.

I based these off what I have found it cost to ship them. For the international price, I took the average of all my packages sent worldwide (Poland, Italy, Tokoyo, etc.) and it was roughly $11-$12.

I am proud to announce that the Hallman Labs vintage store is now live! You can purchase directly from Hallman Labs without the need to use EBay (although you still can).

I am excited to grow this store as time goes on and expand the selection beyond just capacitors. Speaking of capacitors, I have been saving the best capacitors I have until I launched this store. The ones on EBay are pretty common (aside from the MiniWatt caps) compared to what is coming soon! Sprague, Mallory, Mullard, TRW, Paktron, CDE, Panasonic and more!

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