Edit: 7/26/19

I got these molded last night (myself, at home) and must say, I was shocked at the difference (a word I rarely use on this site, except in the literal sense). I was expecting bass to improve, but it improved way more elements than that! Expect a full review in about a week, after finals and final projects in Computer Sys Engineering at UNC-Charlotte.

That is my Cowon Plenue D2 + 4-pin XLR to 4 pole 2.5mm balanced (an EL-8 adapter for the balanced output w/ Plenue D2). Then of course, the now custom molded Westone UM30s.

Custom Molds InYourEars

I have been thoroughly impressed by my Westone UM30 IEMs, but I did not realize the true potential until recently, A company called “In Your Ear” (https://inyourear.biz/) made this possible for well under $100, a task I figured impossible.


FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/InYourEarService/

They use a new technique to create these that do not require any doctors and thus do not break the bank ($75 for a set). Excited to give you all my impressions of this revolutionary design!

The main difference is that you mold them yourself at home using a hair dryer or similar  tool, to heat up the molds, then press them in your ear (but not if too hot). Once heated the texture of the molds changes to something more commonly seen with custom molds for IEMs (glossiness is one, sort of like when a candle melts). The colors will also change slightly after this process is completed (a little more pop from the gloss). 

Picture provided by In-Your-Ear before they shipped them out.



Note: if you aren’t comfortable with sending your expensive IEMs in, he will send you just the thermoplastic for $50. But be warned, it’s not as easy as you might think. This thermoplastic can be a real pain if you get it in the wrong places.

I recommend sending them in, since he will guarantee that work. If you spare yourself sending them in + saving $25, listen to him carefully about how to put it on your drivers/IEMs (before you start molding them to your ears).


How to video on creating the custom molds at home, here:


Review posted: https://hallmanlabs.com/inyourear-diy-moldings-for-iems-review/



Stay tuned for this review and others!


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