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Cost of Mod: $17

Replacement Parts: 2x Bourns 500k 10% accuracy potentiometer with DPDT switch (logarithmic/audio taper)

A step-by-step video showing how to change any single tone control (guitar) with a push/pull (coil-tap), into a dual volume push/pull (2x coil-taps). This allows for greater tonal flexibility, giving 8 pickup selection options vs. 6 stock.

This video can also be used to change coil taps on any setup, not just a triple control guitar. See the diagrams in the video for wiring, which also shows how to pick between the inner and outer coil (which one is on when “tapped”).

Wiring Before Switching Out Volume Pots:

Note: these are some of the test builds for the upcoming HL Treble Bleeds! One leg of each treble bleed is pulled out in these two photos to make it easier to notice the female (solderless) lug.


Wiring After Modding Coil Taps:



Finished Coil Taps w/ Treble Bleeds Installed:



Finished Product (without knobs installed):



Wiring Diagrams by Seymour Duncan:

Modding Coil Splits on Schecter WD_Coil_Splitting

Seymour Duncan Official Wiring Diagram for My Setup on Schecter Tempest Custom (2H_3G_2V_1T) sM

For more options on what to do with your push-pulls, check out this great article at SweetWater:


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