Mullard Mustard PTPE Caps Catalog Capture
Note: IR measurements quoted above are without the test voltage/s used, we can assume much lower than 500V was used. Temperature of the room also has a noticeable effect on IR readings, these are quoted at 68F. This is why you see 18-50 Giga Ohm quoted above with my readings varying from 300 Mega Ohm to 1 Giga Ohm.


I want to introduce the latest release of vintage parts from Hallman Labs, the ultra-rare MiniWatt Mullard/Philips Mustard capacitor. I’ve never before seen these capacitors prior to my acquisition of a large lot of Mullard/Philips capacitors, both NOS and used.  When I began to sort through this pristine lot of capacitors, my jaw dropped when I saw the words “MiniWatt” across a good number.

I didn’t even know such capacitors existed. I knew many brands were used on capacitors from large manufacturers like Sprague, Mullard and Philips/BC. However, usually you see brand name of amplifier makers like Fender or Marshall, not ultra-premium lines from Mullard/Philips themselves. Making these a truly unique find and definitely worth the $11 to $15 price-tag I have given them. Especially so when compared to the price of “standard” Mullard “mustard” capacitors and mustard amplifier kits currently on EBay and other vintage  part suppliers.


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Mullard’s standard “Mustard” line of capacitors in true NOS (New Old Stock) form are rare items to find at all these days, but to find the MiniWatt branding on any capacitors is truly a very rare find indeed. Anyone who knows the history of the MiniWatt brand will be automatically drawn to these handful of samples available.

You can find these for sale on Ebay right here:

0.022 uF 160V: $14.99/ea

0.0056uF 400V: $12.99/ea

0.0027uF 400V: $ll.25/ea


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DataSheets for each: (right click view image or open in new tab)

0.022 uF 160V:

Measurement Data on MiniWatt 0.022uF 160V Capacitors Ebay Table pic FOrm

0.0056uF 400V:

MiniWatt Mullard 5600pF 400V Table in Pic Form For Ebayy

0.0027uF 400V:

MiniWatt Mullard 2700pF 400V Table in Pic Form For Ebayy

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