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Everyone who subscribes here gets notifications of blog posts, but not site pages! So, I wanted to let my readers know the ELEPAWL EP6 Headphone Review has been published. You can find it in the Reviews section in the above header, or click the link below.

At the request of ELEPAWL™, I pushed my publishing period down to ~2 weeks (from my usual 5-8 weeks!) Despite this, I still provided my own photography  of the EP6 and S1 headphones using my Samsung NX3000 w/ 50-200mm lens + adjustable Neural Density filter. I came to my audio performance conclusions over many days of critical listening tests between the EP6 and S1.

Note: Amazon currently is offering the EP6 headphones for a $20 discount! See here for more info.

EP6 Headphones Pic 4
There are still minor edits that are needed, so please bear with me on the small stuff for a few days, while my editor catches up.

You can find the first page of the review here: https://hallmanlabs.com/elepawl-ep6-headphone-review/



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