First off, let me apologize for the slight delay, as North Carolina is taking a pounding in lighting strikes right now and I lost power for a good bit there. However, we are back up and running and here is the winner of a ready to use Burson Play DAC/Amp! 


But first, a little about this Burson Play v1.6 in particular. When I first got this unit back out and began putting the pieces together, it didn’t work. Heck, I didn’t even have 2 of every part! Mainly those hard to find brass standoffs in two different sizes. Well, I just had to donate it to the Giveaway model, since I can get by without it for a bit (I have the ES9038Pro remember?).

The donated gear includes my newest XMOS unit because my 2nd one is apparently dead as a rock. I’ll talk with Burson about exchanging that one for a refurb unit or maybe even a replacement. They have always been good at helping out their customers and reviewers! Thanks again to Burson Audio for donating hardware to make this possible and I hope that Stephen enjoys this unit for a long time to come.


I also replaced a 220uF ELNA SILMIC II with an exact replacement model because the one that I received looked like someone took a razor blade to the top of a capacitor. Anyway, it’s gone and you have a fresh cap to go along with the up to date revision XMOS. This is a powerful DAC/Amp that truly is one of the best solutions for amplified headphones in a small package. I test drove this unit as my main device for one week and I am happy for using stock op-amps!

The stock op-amps that I have included are the standard JRC 5534 and 5532 models. The rest of it is the way the v1.6 came from Burson Audio and I see no reason this unit can’t last years with proper precautions. Such as no ripping the whole thing off the top of a dresser by hitting the headphone cable dangling in a room, now try that with a soldering iron, that is the real challenge!

Play v1_6 ESS ES9018K2M Zoomed Out

I ran the application “Pretty Random™” over and over until I got someone’s number to come up twice. This was out of roughly 300 properly confirmed entries, I found some duplicates trying to slip in, gotcha!.

The first person to have their number come up twice in a row is “Mr Stephen, he is using the Gravatar account to follow the site. Congratulations from Hallman Labs! You’ve just won a $299+ retail lightly cared for DAC/Amp (seen sitting on top of the larger DAC below).


I know from Mr Stephen’s entry that he lives in the USA (his profile shows the UK, Mr Stephen please contact me as soon as possible) and I am sure he will give it a good home! Thanks to all of those who entered and please keep a heads up for the next HL Giveaway! You might see something a lot sooner than you think! Anyone need some headphones? Stay Tuned!

Mr. Stephen: Please contact through the contact tab. If not,possible, let us know how it’s going after you have had in it I will attempt to get into contact with you through Gravatar if I don’t hear anything! If it goes more than 3 days without any word from the winner, I’ll draw again. (This is possible, but unlikely) Better luck next time! Also, if you win and accept you are agreeing to have your name and country shared. If possible let us know how it’s going after you have had for it a while!

Keith H.

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