In celebration of successfully launching the Vintage & Precision Electrical Components Store, I am giving away my review sample of the Burson Play v1.6 to 1 person from the Hallman Labs subscribers list! I only ask that you use this device instead of trying to profit from it.


No purchase is necessary for one entry (see below for bonus entry details), all you need to do is sign up to follow the website and I will enter you to win. Note: all people who subscribed between Jan 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018 will be entered in the drawing, international readers please read the paragraphs below closely, or you will not be entered.

The Play v1.6 will not come with the V6-OPA Classics sorry! You’ll have to invest in op-amps if you want more than IC models : )

Anyone in the USA who purchases vintage components from me on Ebay before Aug 31 is entered in the drawing twice! A limit of one time per person/household. International customers will also get 2 entries if they agree to pay half the shipping cost.

How to follow the website:

If you go back to the main page (clicking the header image works), you should see an option to subscribe on the right hand side of the screen. All that is required to sign up is a valid email address.

International Entry Details:

I really want to offer my giveaway to an international audience. So, here is what I am going to do, if you are an international reader and you want to enter I will need you to pay half of the Shipping and Handling cost. Because of this I need any international readers who want to enter to email me at **removed**. All you need to include in the email is your name in an email with the subject title: Play v1.6 Giveaway Entry.

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The reason I am asking for international readers to do this is because you are agreeing to pay half the shipping (could be $20 to $40 depending on customs fees) and that isn’t something everyone that enters will do. I want to avoid having to draw multiple times due to picking an international reader who doesn’t want to/can’t pay the S/H cost. This is why I require international readers to email me for entry confirmation.

I wish I didn’t have to go through explaining this boring stuff, but I felt it was necessary for fairness to all readers.

The Burson Play v1.6 is a stout DAC/Amp combo that gives you high performance in one small 5.25″ drive form factor. This is well beyond the capabilities of my Creative ZXR if we are talking solely about stereo playback quality. You can find out the full details on the Play in my review that can be found in the top of page in the reviews header drop down, review #3.

Good luck everyone and international readers remember to follow the simple 2nd step to be entered. By doing this you have read this page and thus you know the S/H split cost arrangement! International Readers, if you are not willing to pay the shipping cost, do not enter.

I will announce the winner on or around Sept 1! Please go check out the new Vintage Parts page very soon(with links to purchase on Ebay), and see how Hallman Labs tests our capacitors! My prices are competitive with the sellers who perform no testing, so come take a look!

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