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Introducing the First of Many Vintage Part Lots & Master Parts Sheet #1

Update: 8/3/18 – Master Parts Sheet #1 is now completed and I can continue to post remaining ads on Ebay. Some of the best lots are still to come so keep an eye out if interested!


I know I haven’t posted in a good bit, but rest assured I am working on multiple projects. One of the original purposes for this site was/is to sell vintage capacitor, resistors, and eventually treble bleeds for electric guitars. Over the past few weeks I have made this a reality, posting the first 14 sale ads today. My Ebay username is HallmanLabs, you can follow the link here:

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I have been compiling a master parts sheet (MPS) that has all of the lot 1 capacitors and their performance measurements (Capacitance, ESR, and Quality Factor). These are found using my Extech 380193 LCR meter. This meter allows me to perform all of the test at 120Hz and 1kHz test frequencies. I am going to be opening a new page/section on the site that has the measurements and pictures of all current vintage parts for sale on Ebay. Soon, I will be moving to selling directly from this site and the price will be lower than on Ebay, by at least 20%.

I guarantee all of my vintage parts for performance and quoted accuracy given in the MPS. For USA customers it is 30 days for NOS items and 14 days for Used/recertified ones. For International buyers, it is 2 weeks for both NOS and used items.

Here is the Master Parts Sheet (MPS #1): Hallman Labs Vintage and Precision Master Parts Sheet (MPS) #1

I will be opening the site section for vintage parts here in the next week, working on finishing the MPS with all information needed for Ebay ads. Once I post all of the Ebay ads I will come back to add them to this website.

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Computer Engineering student with a background in IT. Such as dealing with large scale network infrastructure upgrades at Lowe's HQ and former lead hardware tech for the NC Government. My specialty has shifted over to audio hardware and vintage hardware re-certifications.

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