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Old Meets New: Kenwood’s C-2 “Basic” Pre-amp gets a Burson Audio V6-OPA Facelift!

One of the other projects moving through my workbench is this sweet combination of excellent bare bones pre-amps using discrete op-amps from Burson Audio! For now I just have a few pictures to share, but stay tuned to hear more about how this pre-amp will play a role in my reviews and how it is used with normal amplifiers.

Note: Hallman Labs will soon have a balanced in headphone amplifier! It was time to upgrade from the sub $100 Schiit Audio Magni2, but this is still a great headphone amp for the money. One of the best starter headphone amplifiers you can probably find for the home user.


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A shot of the V5i op-amps in the tone stack/EQ circuits/filter circuits.



V6-OPA-D Vivids and V5i op-amps from Burson Audio in a Kenwood C-2 Basic Pre-Amp

More to come later, including a recap and a few community sourced mod ideas.

See one of the threads on DIYAudio here:

Hallman Labs View All

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