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**Streaming Again Today 3/28, Later On** Far Cry 5 + the Burson Play DAC Review/Comparison to my ES9038Pro (PC HiFi Gaming Section)

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Update: stream is up!


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Thanks to those who came to watch the stream today, Far Cry 5 truly is breaking new ground for the demands on PC hardware that isn’t even VR yet! I know that VR was a huge thought in this game based on how well they integrated the Tobii 4C tracker and lighting system to make the luminance more realistic based on how open your eye is, so you squint and it changes, like real life. There are some truly trippy moments these days where your mind almost forgets that this isn’t real and you lose yourself in the game. That is something I haven’t been able to say about a game in a loooooong time. I played this game for about 8 hours today and it was awesome! Far Cry 5 reminded me of some of the things I had lost over the years as I played less and less.


Flamethrower Hunting
One of the funny game captures. It looks like I was actually hurting Lane too!


See screens above and below. If you are flying with the Tobii system and you turn your head to the right your player turns with your head’s actual speed to do what they call an extension of your real life into the virtual world. This is the same reason people like using the pulse rate monitors and wearing them during their videos to show how grown men respond to video games that they really do enjoy, even after age 50. I hope I am still around by the time I am 50, I have no thoughts of changing my hardware views! I learned some valuable lessons in the last 3 years and one of those will include picking a major that can connect more legitimately with my practical knowledge from fixing things for 2 decades with my father. We never hired anyone to fix anything for our houses or cars. Between my Father, my Brother and myself, we managed to take on almost any task that the world put on us to handle, physical and/or mental. Never giving up.

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There is no doubt when it comes to graphics, there is something special here. You can right click any of the images to open them in full size, wording varies per browser, “open in new tab” usually works. It is also worth noting that all of these images have been scaled from an above 1080p image for the site and using .jpg although I am trying .png a lot more now that I heard more about it. Especially when you are doing text with an image, always use PNG for WordPress and similar hosting services.

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I will be auditioning the Burson Play DAC while I am streaming the live video and audio from the game using OBS Studio x64! I prefer the all V6-OPA Classic setup over the V6-OPA Vivid setup. This neat little DAC offers so much in such a tiny footprint, a foot that slides right into your 5.25″ drive bay! Feel free to comment on this post, on the streaming page or wherever you like! If you know of something awesome/funny in Far Cry 5, come let me know!!

Now here is a time lapse showing the most destructive photos Lane and I could make on our first run through first 1/4 of Far Cry 5! GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 team!

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Far Cry 52018-3-27-6-41-14
Note None of the images use any sort of post editing or supersampling an image at extreme res.

Far Cry 52018-3-27-3-56-52

Far Cry 52018-3-27-3-56-55
Way better than anything I’ve caught in real life. 13.81 lbs!

I’ll update this post when the stream is actually live, for now check out the couple of images, I’ll add more if I see interest. System specs are: GTX 1070 @ 2.1 Ghz (GPU) | 9.68 Gbps + 4.6 GHz i7 3770K (CPU) + ASRock OC Formula Z77 (motherboard) + 32 GB (8GB x4) Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2400 MHz (RAM)

Far Cry 52018-3-27-4-23-40
Looks like the default texture resolution when using ultra is pretty high.
Far Cry 52018-3-27-3-50-32
One of the more scenic images.
Far Cry 52018-3-27-3-36-3
Appreciating nature in a video game, it’s a mind-bender I know.
Far Cry 52018-3-27-4-1-26
Flying in this game for both helicopters and planes has been done right!

Remember, none of these photos were edited after the screen was captured, they are as close to raw output of the video as I can share! I can imagine if you use all the latest NVIDIA tech to make super-resolution photos with insane FOV, would make these look like paintings. The usual artifacts you deal with that you lose at high resolution doesn’t apply here, it’s just going to make it all a little more uniform with sharpness and color. I might try that at a later date and compare back to this article’s screens.


Perfect bow shot by Lane/Mongoose

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