Below is the 3rd official video from Hallman Labs. This is a time lapsed build-log/video for the common GM328 Transistor/ESR Testers. This one uses a more compact design with how the screen is laid and I upgraded all the parts I could possibly find that matched the stock ratings. Mostly Sprague and Panasonic capacitors, along with Dale Metal Film resistors.

Note: At this point in time, I was using lead-free solder, which does not give you that shiny finish, most are accustomed to. I only use leaded solder now, for multiple reasons (see first custom PCB page, to see why, mainly the ease at which it flows).

Below you can get a clearer view of some of the parts. Those orange ceramic capacitors are Sprague. All of the resistors that aren’t light blue are all Dale designs. All of the reddish capacitors are Panasonic stacked MET films, instead of the much cheaper ceramics all around. I also used two Sprague tantalum capacitors (seen in video).

GM328 Transistor Tester 1_sm

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