I had to wait for the Asian holiday to end (Feb 22nd) for the seller to ship out a replacement ES9038Pro completed DAC, in the enclosure with dual toroidal transformers. I decided to go with a completed DAC for a few reasons, but mainly to save time while still getting reliability and ensure I am able to proceed with all my hardware reviews. This will give me a chance to compare a pre-built with my own build, once I replace the ES9038Pro IC with an ES9028Pro IC that I have laying around. They use the same pin arrangement and have similar power requirements, although the ES9028 can handle about 2V more, in general, than the ES9038.

The completed DAC is from an Asian seller I have used before and he gives excellent customer support compared to most sellers on either AliExpress or EBay. You can see all the information on the replacement DAC here. I just got the tracking number today, so it will be about one more week before we are back up and running. I want to thank Burson Audio and Orange Amplification for being patient with me as I wait to remedy this issue of a busted ES9038Pro IC.

If anyone is looking for a good value ES9038Pro completed DAC it is hard to beat $399 with a $90 primary IC and a $100 enclosure being used.

The DAC is based on ES9038PRO which is the latest product from ESS,4 channels are parallel connected at MONO mode,It is under soft control with MCU to maximize the performance.upgrade to OLED display with remote control,more Better, more stable
1. XMOS XU208 asynchronous USB input or Amanero USB input,
   XMOS support DSD DOP up to DSD128,
   Amanero support DSD native and DOP up to DSD256.
2. TCXO low noise low jitter high precision oscillator.
3. Use 2 PCS 25w professional audio HIFI toroidal transformers, digital and analog independently powered,More superior.
4. Sampling rate:
PCM:44.1KHz,48KHz,88.2KHz,96KHz,176.4KHz,192KHz(coaxial/optical input), USB input support 352.8KHz,384KHz
DSD:DSD64,DSD128(both Amanero and XMOS), Amanero USB support DSD native and DSD DOP up to DSD256.
Power supply: AC 115V/ 230V (will send according to voltage in your country)
Input: coaxial/optical, USB input is optional
Output: RCA, XLR balanced output
Frequency response:20hz to 20KhzS/N ratio: <-120DB
Total harmonic distortion: <0.002%
Size: 280 (W) * 212mm(D) * 62mm(H)
Weight: 4 KG (without power cable)


Completed ES9038 DAC Pic 1

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