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I wanted to let everyone know just in case you don’t notice the new sections popping up on the website. Slowly I am branching out to other areas besides strictly HiFi related audio hardware/tools.

First new section is the Fender Blues Jr Mods (Custom), which should bring in more musicians and musician related audio hardware hobbyist/pros. In this section you will find essentially a condensed copy of my thread over on TDPRI that details the mods and upgrades I did to my Blues Jr. all tube guitar amplifier (except for the rectifier & reverb tank, which use op-amps) with a 12″ Celestion G12-H (Heritage – Hendrix voiced speaker).


Blues Jr All NOS Tubes and G12H speaker


The other new section I added is a step well towards broadening the readers/viewers here at Hallman Labs: (Hallman Labs Live Game Streaming) Thanks to my buddy Lane B., we got Twitch up and running on a WordPress site using the HTML shown below. Do NOT buy a business plan for an additional ~$250 if all you are trying to do is insert things like an iFrame window or embedded videos. It might take a bit, but you can do it without that huge increase in cost to run the site and it is usually very simple HTML.


Hallman Labs Primary Desktop PC: i7 3770K @ (4.6 GHz) + GTX1070 @ (2.1 GHz | 9.6 Gbps)

Here is the simple line of code needed to run Twitch on WordPress sites:

Only thing missing is two brackets to close on each end of the line [……], brackets are left outside of the quote/shaded area because if I add them it will show you the actual video box and not the code to do yours. The quotes are supposed to be there in the line of code, so do not remove them. Just add your Twitch account name in place of the text YourTwitchAccountName with your actual account name. After you do that and add the brackets to the beginning and end of the code, it should work immediately after published. Thanks again to Lane for helping me figure this out!

twitchtv url=””

Then if I paste my code with the brackets and HallmanLabs as the Twitch User Name I get this!


If anyone needs any help trying to add a twitch video box shoot me a message in the contact section at the top.


Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the discrete op-amp review! I have at least a hundred hours with my new custom high-res reference DAC. Now that I have the baseline established I can pick up on changes easier.

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