Here are the first screen grabs I have of the system working 100% with speakers and amplifiers going with sound coming out.  Even if it is the optical input instead of the I2S (USB) it still sounds excellent!! The source is 48kHz/16-bit which is what the ES9038 selects also. The limit for optical in is 24-bit 96kHz compared to USB (I2S) 32-bit 384 kHz.

ES9038 Optical In_sm
Oh yes, we are looking good now!

Tomorrow I will have most of the parts I need to put the Amanero in for good including the 90 degree USB adapter to point away from the I2S pins. So once I have the full glory of the ES9038 DAC with I2S, I will begin the breakdown of the discrete op-amps on the chopping block!

ES9038 Optical In3_sm
Quite the difference when you put the top on the unit! I am thinking about adding a top window!


System includes:

Yamaha RX-V863 Receiver

Polk Audio Monitor 70 (Floor Standing)

Modded/Upgraded Creative SoundBlaster ZXr (see initial review)

Burson Audio Cable+ RCA to RCA (Active Op-Amp) Cable

ES9038 Optical In2_sm
The two RCA cables you see here are Burson Audio’s Cable+ RCA to RCA Cables (see below)




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