Literally just posting some new pictures because I had a few people asking to see what this looks like with the high end discrete op-amps, so here you are!

Side Shot Angled On Burson Orange Duo_sm
It does make quite the visual difference compared to the stock units!

Thanks for looking and check back soon for Part 1 of 3 for this ultimate discrete op-amp showdown using DSD512 and a modified Amanero!

Side Shot Straight On Burson Orange Duo_sm
I only have that single pair from Orange Amp, but have many Burson Audio Designs for Comparison

Closer Up Burson and Orange OpAmps_sm


Reader requested shots showing the rear panel and also the bottom of the case. On the bottom of the case you will see two shiny bolt heads that have been countersunk into the metal so the DAC still sits flat. Towards the end of the DAC you will see where I used liquid electrical tape to paint the holes I made to hold the stand offs.


Left to Right: RCA-R (out), RCA-L (out), XLR-1 (out), XLR-2 (out), Switchcraft USB (added by me) (in), Optical (in), Coax (in) and finally AC 3-prong “dog house shape” power inlet.

USB can be fed either through I2S (full quality) or through Coax found on the Amanero into the Coax of the ES9038Pro DAC.


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