Update: After a few hours of headaches, I realized my issue with not getting any sound output was due to outdated plugins with the newest foobar revision. I updated the SACD and ASIOProxy components. After that, we are now outputting sound!!


Going with dual transformers wasn’t my first pick for an optimal design, but trying to find a transformer that has twin 15V AND twin 6V secondaries inside the USA is nearly impossible. Well, unless you are ready to drop half the cost of the entire project, just on a transformer (~$120).

I plan on starting my listening tests today, especially my DSD256 tracks which now have native decoding with this DAC! Even the likes of Marantz, Oppo, Denon, Yamaha, etc. most do not offer native DSD (digital SACD) decoding, almost all of their lines just covert to PCM. Even the newest Oppo Ultra Blu-Ray players are using 2nd tier AKM parts. This is why DIY audio is taking off like never before. If you have the time, skill and patience to build something with so many pieces involved, you will be rewarded with higher quality audio than most of the biggest names in the audio business are achieving.

Amanero Windows Sound Capture 384kHz

I only have a few more safety checks to go over before I put this in the enclosure and begin my A/B listening tests for reviewing discrete op-amps in comparison to the stock NE5534/NE5532

Amanero + ES9038Pro DAC OLED 384kHz_sm

For anyone interested in finding an ES9038Pro DAC that uses nearly all top of the line components including ELNA SILMIC II, Muse Capacitors, WIMA Capacitors, Golden TCXO 100 MHz oscillator, LT1963 LDOs, Gold Plated RCA Jacks, etc. You can find it here:




9 thoughts on “IT’S ALIVE!!!

  • Eric J. Hammond

    What Amenero USB device IS that!? Looks beautiful! Is it a true Amenero? Who makes it and where can I get one!?
    See Leaf Audio in your audio properties, but Google doesn’t find anything…

    • It’s made by Leaf Audio, it doesn’t come with the golden TCXOs or the oscillator sockets, I installed all of that. The rest of it does come the way you see it. However I just went back to try and get you a link and my old seller isn’t carrying the Amanero at all anymore. Sorry I couldn’t be of better assistance in finding one. The Ebay seller’s name is minishow0328

  • Eric J. Hammond

    Also, just looking at your pic above…
    The transformer leads powering your opamps are way too small IMO…your 7VCD side looks fine…
    The ES9038 in particular has a lot of amperage on the I/V…even more so when you go to replace those ompamps with your discrete Burson’s! I’d upgrade those wires right away!

  • It’s 26g solid core wire rated at 300V/2.2A. There is no way this DAC is pulling over 2 amps since it has yet to blow my 2A fuses that are connected to the hot wire for each transformer. Let us say the DAC pulls 2A total, each wire of the +-15V would be carrying less than 1A. If this was stranded wire you’d be correct though.

    Either way thanks for the input and look out for my articles I’m working on, now that everything is 100% functional and installed into the enclosure fully (finally). Here is my reference for gauge/type max amperage: https://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm

    If you can show me a reference that disputes this please let me know! Keep in mind the ES9038Pro only uses about half the power of the ES9028Pro & ES9018. This is why ES9028/9018 builds have twin 9V secondaries and I have twin 6V secondaries.

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