Below is a traffic insight map from one day of views on my site (Nov 25th, 2017). At first I was confused, but then excited about the fact people across the world are making it onto my site, regularly actually. I just wanted to give everyone out there in Europe and Asia and surrounding areas a direct hello and thanks for reading from Hallman Labs! Also, a friendly reminder that every page on this site has a translate widget to the top right of every article. Now you don’t even need to use Google Translate which doesn’t always work 100%.


Thanks for visiting this ad free site, some people like would not only give you ads, they would charge you just to see pictures.. I mean come on, it’s not even like they are offering service manuals or indepth help. You can find service/owner manuals, schematics and more for free on , all it takes is a free registration to download there. I (and others) highly recommend using hifiengine for your manual needs. Got a bit off topic there, but thanks again for those across the world views!

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