So I was originally going to do an ESS ES9028Pro DAC, but I ended up with an ES9038Pro DAC. The 9028 can take 9V without issues, however the 9038 should only get 6V (7V maximum). This put me into a holding pattern as I tried to figure out a good way to drop 9V secondaries from my transformers on hand. I had nothing that could do dual 6V on hand and no 6V capable LDO’s (Low Dropout Voltage Regulators). A voltage divider is an option here, but usually regarded as non-suitable in HiFi applications for dropping transformer output voltages. So I got a dual 6V toroidal transformer on the way and I should have everything going by Christmas. I am still looking at ways to do this without having a dual 6V transformer, but I think I’ll just play it safe and wait for now.

(If anyone has any suggestions please comment)

Here is my current hardware waiting to be put into the case after power tests are successful. We have an ES9038Pro DAC using 2x dual DIP op-amps (two op-amp per package) and 2x single DIP op-amps (one op-amp per package). The 2016 version of the Amanero which is upgraded with “Golden TCXOs (oscillators)”. Along with a dedicated clock module for the primary 100 MHz DAC oscillator also using the same type Golden Oscillator (0.1ppm). Once I have tested the stock hardware and ensured everything is safe, then we will bring on the big boy discrete op-amps from Burson Audio and Orange Amplification (finally..) and do our DSD512+ capable DAC op-amp review!!!

Looking forward to finally seeing this huge project/review/build video all come together.


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