ES9038PRO Burson Audio Orange Amplification Review preview

I wanted to give anyone still putting up with my unusually long delays between reviews a sneak peak of what is coming soon! I have everything ready to go for my new level of analytical audio reviews except for the matching transformers needed.

Instruments include

Potomac AA-51 audio analyzer

DDS 25Mhz Signal Generator

Fully Functional (Vintage) Cornell Dubilier BF-50 Capacitor Analyzer

2000W 20A Variac

600x 1080/60 & 5MP Portable Microscope

Digilent Analogy Discovery2 + BNC board & analog parts kit

Extech 380193 LCR Meter

Tenma 72-1020 True RMS Bench VMM

BK Precision 810C Capacitance Meter


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