2 thoughts on “Preview of the ES9028PRO Install

  • Eric J. Hammond

    Interesting project!
    I will be using a 9028 in my setup using optical SPDIF input at 192KHz as I don’t have any hi-res audio in my library…
    But even upsampling my audio to a higher sample rate would be cool!
    I’d like to know more about this USB Amenero interfacing…?

  • Yeah the Amanero is an interesting solution to what used to be a big problem. A few years ago trying to decode DSD natively was reserved for the top of the top-end products. Now we have the Amanero starting at about $40-$50 and the XMOS which is also about $50. These products allows us to easily and natively decode the SACD digital codec without having to break the bank up to DSD512. Take a look at some of my newer posts for more info. This post was obviously before I had everything working! Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the review I am currently writing/working on. I’ll be posting videos on the complete assembly.

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