“It’s the final countdown!” (to the) HiFi Discrete Transistor Op-amp showdown. Burson Audio vs. Orange Amplification Amplification! (DSD256+)

I wanted to give anyone still putting up with my unusually long delays between reviews a sneak peak of what is coming soon! I have everything ready to go for my new level of analytical audio reviews except for the matching transformers needed. Instruments include Potomac AA-51 audio analyzer DDS 25Mhz Signal Generator Fully Functional […]

Soldering Irons and Microscopes

This is the new method I am using to not only ensure the quality of solder joints, but also verifying vintage items that are not easily read or seen. Especially with vintage tubes. Transparent materials give this the ability to literally pierce down deeper. This no-name brand standalone/portable microscope with a 6-8 hr battery comes in […]