Wolverine Hallman Labs Halloween

To the readers out there I wanted to give a warm Happy Halloween from Hallman Labs! Be safe and enjoy the time with friends/family. I handled setting up the main audio for a Halloween party this last weekend and I was running a Pioneer VSX-919AHK into Polk Monitor 70’s + Polk Monitor 45’s + Polk Monitor CS2 and I had that place bouncing in no time! haha we overloaded the amp 4 times I can remember and it was 55F outside, so that thing was pushing it to the limit with the volume at reference (0dB Attenuation)! It was a sight to behold and I was dressed up as Wolverine! I have included a picture and I hope everyone who reads this has as much fun tonight as I did last Saturday!


Keith Wolverine at party

Wolverine Hallman Labs #2
One of the most iconic coats for Wolverine in both film and the comics. Might wear this things for other things than Halloween haha!

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