I had been playing with the idea of doing a GoFundMe page, but I never really liked that format. It puts the entrepreneurs in a position where they feel they must promise the moon to draw interest. Of course this is not always the case and I have funded projects before both there and Paetron.

Instead of making interested parties go to another site where they must set up payment/bank information. Using the new features by PayPal all you need to do is have PayPal, most everyone I know does. This also leaves me more freedom in what I design and how I test it.

Here is my collection of vintage parts pulled from a 1950's organ. Mullard, Temple, Gudeman Co, Good-All, Mallory, etc.

First up is the long awaited ESS ES9028PRO & ES9038PRO DACs. I ended up being delayed big time by these IC’s especially since USPS lost the ES9028PRO 30 miles from the destination after traveling around the world, shame on you USPS!

Thanks for taking a look at my newest way to help my lab grow, PayPal’s new “PayPal.Me”. I am not expecting any huge sum, but I will be curious to see. I will use whatever funds are donated directly towards the lab or related hardware & software.


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