You can see more details on this tube in the first blog post here (with Brent from, confirming the validity of this 7308 Bugle Boy):

Here are some HQ pics with links to full resolution from my Samsung NX3000 + Macro Filter w/ Hood.

To begin, here is a known genuine Amperex Holland 6922 Bugle Boy and most importantly it is from a 1963 tube, same as mine.
Now you need to keep in mind all of our images on the 7308 Bugle Boy logo are from the reverse side since a Tektronix sticker is covering most of the logo except the very bottom at the pins of the drawing below.
Reference Logo:
1963 Bugle Boy Logo for Comparison
Okay now the last time I did picture I added color to the batch codes to make it easier to see, but I am hoping if my uploads maintain quality you can see the V in almost all of the images on that side. The R is harder to see, but I found at least one picture where you could see it was there. I wonder why the date code below the batch code is still in great shape, but the other is almost invisible without touching a marker to it.
I am going for the fake-7308-tube’s jugular right off the bat, here is exactly what I just described above. I put a small box around the location to be easier to spot. We are talking about tiny differences/depth in glass texture from a silk mask, but I can see it and I think most who look over it close will too. If you open the full size pics, you want to post it into a new Chrome window and it should zoom back out to fit (other browsers will too of course) the screen. The full size images are 8-12MB each.
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy 5 Batch Closeup w_Box
I adjusted this photo to give us the best shot at some of the Bugle Boy logo on the far side and even in this photo you can see the date code.
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy 2
You can make out some of the logo, but it’s difficult to find a defining piece to pull from (keeping in mind we are looking at the backside of a sticker facing the other way).
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy 3
Here we see the Amperex logo just as in the reference photo.
1963 Bugle Boy Cropped for Logo
Again, here we can see date and batch code to the now trained naked eye including the large Holland etching.
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy 4_Smaller_Magnified_VR_Code
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy 4
Here we can see the beginnings of the Bugle Boy logo just barely poking out the bottom of the metallic Tektronix testing sticker.
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy
Here I compare the bottom of the sticker above to the known good Bugle Boy logo in the 1st picture of this post. Even the taper of the lengths of each of the pins as seen in the background image below vs. the zoomed in part.
1963 Bugle Boy Logo for Comparison_with_7308_Bottom_of_Sticker
1963 Amperex 7308 Bugle Boy 6

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